Azule Tile Planner - Tutorial

Here are The Basic Steps

  1. Let's get started

    The tile planner can be used with or without account.
    The difference is that registered users can save their work.

  2. Select a project

    In step 2 you are asked to create a project by giving your project a name and starting with a room.
    A project for example can be: New House
    A room can be something like: Kitchen
    You can add as many rooms as you want to a project.
    You can also create new projects and add rooms again.
    Once a project and room have been created you are ready to go.

  3. Create the room

    In step 3 you will be asked to define the room shape.
    You have 5 options: Square, L shape, T shape, Z shape and Free form.
    Choose the shape that fits your needs and press NEXT in the right hand bottom of the page.
    You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate.

    You now have the option to adjust the shape to the needed dimensions.
    You can do this by dragging the red squares to desired position, the measurements will adjust accordingly.
    You can also click on the pink square where the dimensions are noted. A popup will appear where you can adjust the dimension by typing the correct one.
    When ready press NEXT.

    You will see your room shape in a grid of tiles.
    Here you have the option to choose between the different tile sizes that we offer.
    Our largest selection of tiles can be found in the 20x20 cm section.
    When ready press NEXT.

    You will have 3 new options, appearing above the tile grid.

    • Rotate tile grid
    • Move tile grid
    • Add tile free area
    Each option lets you adjust the grid settings to your likings, on where the tiles will be placed in the next step.
    It is important that you adjust the grid exactly as needed because after this step the grid will be locked and cannot be adjusted anymore!
    When ready press NEXT.

  4. Create the floor

    You have reached step 4. Here you will be able to actually design your floor by adding tiles to the grid.
    On the right you can see the selection of tiles that you have chosen in the previous step.
    To add tiles to the grid you must first select an area on the grid and then select the wanted tile.
    There are different ways of selection possible. You can find them in the task bar in the bottom, under the button Select Options. Standard the ‘select group’ is selected. You can choose various options like: Select group, 1 tile, 4 tiles, 16 tiles, all, vertical and horizontal rows.

    When a tile has been selected it appears on top of the grid at Recently used tiles.
    It also shows Matching tiles. They consist of matching border & corner tiles or plain colored tiles.
    This will make it easier and quicker to create your tile plan.

    You will also find many other handy options in the task bar at the bottom like:

    • Magnet function
    • Zoom in & out
    • Zoom all
    • Pan Toggle
    • Rotate
    • Delete
    These tools will help you to modify your plan as desired.

    Above the tile selection on the right you find 3 tabs.
    • Tab 1: Standard collection
    • Tab 2: Custom color designer
    • Tab 3: Patchwork
    Tab 1 is the default tab.
    Tab 2 is to fill existing patterns with new colors and use them in your plan.
    Tab 3 is to create a patchwork of chosen tiles.

    When ready press NEXT.

  5. Finish your room

    This is the last step in the tile planner.
    It will calculate the needed tiles of your room and creates a PDF report.
    You can save your work and modify it later on or you can request a quote which will directly be send to our sales department who will add the necessary treatment products incl. shipment costs.

Short keys

Arrow keys (Left & Right) Go to Next or Previous screen
Delete Deletes selected tiles on the grid
Spacebar Fills selected area on the grid with last used tile
P In the custom color designer the P can be used to check the color used in a pattern
G Set the tile selection to Select Group
1 Set the tile selection to Select 1 tile
A Set the tile selection to Select All
M Magnet selected tiles
+ Zoom In
- Zoom Out
Z Zoom All
T Pan Toggle
R Rotate selected tiles